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02 May 2021

Florida Gas Prices Slip to 8-Week Low

Pump prices are now 8 cents less than a month ago

25 April 2021

Florida Gas Prices Slip to 7-Week Lows

Pump prices are the lowest since early March

18 April 2021

Florida Gas Prices are Slightly Less than a Week Ago

Pump prices average 1-cent less than a week ago

13 April 2021

AAA Survey: Users of Marijuana and Alcohol Take More Risks Behind the Wheel

As 4/20 looms, AAA Survey Finds Users of Both Admit Variety of Dangerous Driving Behaviors

11 April 2021

Gas Prices Level Off after 3-Week Decline

Florida gas prices hold steady at $2.84 per gallon

09 April 2021

AAA Hosts Virtual Travel & Adventure Show

AAA trades massive in-person travel shows for a socially distant environment

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