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28 July 2021

School Traffic is Back; Be Cautious on the Roads

AAA distributed 1200 signs reminding Florida motorists to drive carefully

27 July 2021

AAA Tests the Accuracy of In-Vehicle Fuel Economy Displays

New research finds drivers should not rely too heavily on fuel displays like “miles-to-empty”

25 July 2021

Florida Gas Prices Decline 4 Cents in Two Weeks

After reaching a 2021 high of $3.01 earlier this month, drivers are now paying an average price of $2.97 per gallon

20 July 2021

Travel Confidence Soars; 76% of Floridians More Comfortable Traveling Now

Traveler confidence has surged from 40% in Q1 to 74% in Q3

18 July 2021

Gas Prices Weaken as Crude Prices Tumble

The state average price for gasoline in Florida has fallen back below $3 a gallon for the first time this month

15 July 2021

AAA Examines Driving Habits in the Height of the COVID Pandemic

New AAA data shows that rideshare, transit, and taxi use plummeted

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