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29 November 2020

Thanksgiving Gas Prices Were Lowest in 12 Years

Florida gas prices could increase this week

22 November 2020

Florida Gas Prices Rise 4 Cents Ahead of Thanksgiving

Fuel prices increased last week after another round of COVID-19 vaccine news

15 November 2020

Florida's Average Price Slips Below $2 a Gallon

Florida's state average is under $2 a gallon for the first time since June

12 November 2020

Fewer Americans will Travel This Thanksgiving

AAA advises caution and preparation for those who decide to travel

08 November 2020

Florida gas prices are lowest in five months

Florida's state average should sink below $2 this week

01 November 2020

Gas Prices Plunge to 4-Month Lows; More Discounts Expected

Pump prices are 15 cents less than the average price on Election Day 2016

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