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15 May 2019

Nearly 43 Million Americans Will Kick off Summer with Memorial Day Vacation

Nearly 43 million Americans will start their summer on a high note with a Memorial Day weekend getaway. The long holiday weekend -- marking the unofficial start of summer vacation season -- will see an additional 1.5 million people take to the nation’s roads, rails and runways compared with last year, a 3.6% increase. It will represent the second-highest travel volume ever recorded by AAA, trailing only the 44 million travelers posted in 2005.

13 May 2019

North Dakota Gas Average Declines Slightly

North Dakota gas prices saw a slight decline last week indicating a possible early spring peak. Typically leading up to Memorial Day, ongoing refinery maintenance and healthy consumer demand contribute to pump prices increasing.

22 April 2019

Motorists Urged to Watch for Motorcycles

As longer daylight hours lead to rising temperatures and melting snow, motorcycle riders are itching to hit the open roads. As they do, AAA is advising motorists to be extra cautious and aware of all vehicles around them.

18 April 2019

AAA: Time to Bring U.S. Headlight Standards out of Dark Ages

Driving at night carries the highest fatality rate for both drivers and pedestrians but could be made safer by headlight technology already on the roads in Europe and Canada.

18 April 2019

Gas Prices Continue Move Higher on Refinery Issues, Higher Oil Prices

Gas prices continue to rise, hitting the highest levels for this date since 2014.

08 February 2019

Cold Temperatures Cut Electric Vehicle Range Nearly in Half

As freezing temperatures plague  much of the country, electric vehicle owners may experience a decrease in driving range, compounded by the use of the vehicle’s interior climate control. New research from AAA reveals that when the mercury dips to 20°F and the HVAC system is used to heat the inside of the vehicle, the average driving range is decreased by 41 percent. This means for every 100 miles of combined urban/highway driving, the range at 20°F would be reduced to 59 miles.

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