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30 November 2020


In order to keep spirits high, and everyone on the roadway safe, AAA is reminding drivers this holiday season to properly secure and transport their real Christmas trees so everyone can safely enjoy the holidays.

12 November 2020

Fewer Thanksgiving Travelers Amid Pandemic

Thanksgiving will be on the lighter side when it comes to the typical number of travelers. 

02 November 2020

Nebraska Gas Prices Reach 5-month Lows

Nebraska gas prices have sunk to their lowest level since June. The state average dropped 3 cents last week to an average price of $2.06 per gallon.

21 October 2020

Holiday Travel: Pandemic, Election Concerns but Confidence Growing

Nebraskans are cautiously developing plans for the holiday travel season.

14 October 2020

Expect Encounters with Deer to Reduce Chance of Collision

Because deer-vehicle crashes increase during the autumn months, AAA is advising motorists to be safe on roadways where deer could be encountered.

01 October 2020

Distracted Driving: Safety Experts Want Your Attention

People know driving intoxicated is bad, yet many still choose to drive “intexticated.” Texting-while-driving is among the many distractions that endanger motorists on the road every day. 

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