Fall foliage, cool weather, and low prices attract post-summer travelers
28 September 2018

OMAHA, Neb., (September 28, 2018) – With the summer travel season over, many Nebraskans are not ready to put their luggage away.  A new AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey reveals nearly two-thirds (65%) of Nebraskans will take at least one vacation sometime from September through November.
When are they traveling?
(Travelers could select more than one)
  1. September 33%
  2. October 38%
  3. November 20%
Top 4 Reasons Nebraskans Prefer Autumn Travel
  1. The weather is cooler (49%)
  2. Prices are normally lower than peak summer season (49%)
  3. Smaller crowds at popular attractions (48%)
  4. See fall foliage/colors (31%)

“Whether you travel domestic or internationally, there are many advantages to a fall vacation,” said Rose White, Nebraska Public Affairs Director, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “The weather cools off and students are back in school, leaving smaller crowds at popular attractions. As a result, travelers find more availability and competitive pricing on airfares, hotels and rental cars. This is why Americans love to travel this time of year.”

Preferred Travel Destinations
  1. Europe (60%)
  2. North America (51%)
  3. Australia (34%)
Types of Travel
  • 54% will Drive
  • 61% will Fly
  • 8% will Take a Cruise
Gas Prices
“Gas prices usually follow a downward trend in the fall, due to lower demand and the switch to a cheaper-to-produce winter-blend gasoline,” said White. “However, U.S.-led sanctions against Iranian crude and other factors are driving up the price of crude oil.  As a result, we are seeing a jump in pump prices.”  Check pump prices near you.

15% to Get Travel Insurance for Hurricanes
Major storms can cause a ripple effect of travel delays and cancellations affecting American travelers nationwide.   Approximately 15 percent of Nebraska travelers say they are likely to purchase travel insurance during their fall trip, due to the threat of hurricanes this year.

“You shouldn’t wait until a major storm develops to start researching travel insurance,” said White. “Once a storm is named, it’s too late to purchase a new policy. The best advice is to talk with a travel agent, research weather patterns in your travel destination during the time of your visit, and consider purchasing a policy when booking your trip.”

Hurricanes aside, Americans should still consider travel insurance for their next vacation. A delayed or cancelled flight can cause missed reservations or excursions - many of which are often non-refundable. Those and other out-of-pocket expenses can be offset by travel insurance. In addition, there are policies that allow you to cancel your trip before your departure date, for a variety of reasons such as falling ill. If you get sick or injured during your trip, there are policies that would cover medical expenses.  Learn more about Travel Insurance.

About the AAA Consumer Pulse™ Survey
The AAA Consumer Pulse™ Survey was conducted online among residents living in Nebraska from August 3 - 14, 2018.  A total of 400 residents completed the survey, with 261 planning to take at least one fall vacation.  Survey results have a maximum margin of error of ± 6.1 percentage points.  Responses are weighted by gender and age to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the adult population (18+) in Nebraska.
About The Auto Club Group
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