19 June 2007


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Imagine a time when you no longer go to the gas station to fuel up your car. Instead, you plug your car into an electrical outlet, or just fill up the tank with french fry oil. You may not have noticed, but that future is now.

To help build awareness of all the new alternative fuels and vehicles available, AAA Clubs throughout the Midwest have launched the Greenlight InitiativeTM. The new program will help motorists make sense of all the new options available and encourage the development of transportation choices.

The rise of gas prices over the last few years has sparked the interest of people curious about different transportation options, according to AAA. While hybrid cars and other alternatively-fueled vehicles may not be for everyone, the Auto Club believes it’s time to start building awareness for what is clearly the next chapter in the history of the automobile.

More information about Greenlight and hybrids and alternative fuels -- including a downloadable brochure – is available online at AAA.com/Greenlight.

Information available online includes:

  • Alternative Fuels FAQS
  • Flex Fuel/Bi-Fuel FAQS
  • Hybrid Vehicle FAQS
  • Hydrogen Cell FAQS
  • Buying a ‘Green’ Car

In addition to the online resources now available on the Web, AAA Michigan has begun reporting cost per gallon averages for both biodiesel- and ethanol-blended fuels. These averages are made available through the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, issued Mondays on a weekly basis to the media.



Fuel price averages are available for public viewing at




, under the News and Safety tab.



According to AAA, this is a time of tremendous experimentation in the auto industry. Greenlight isn’t about recommending one option over the other. It’s about getting people excited over reducing our reliance on gasoline-powered engines.