19 October 2018

One of the biggest hazards for commuters, this time of year, is in the sky.  As seasons change, the sun is rising or setting closer to rush hour periods, making it more challenging for motorists to see clearly while driving.  Sun glare can greatly compromise a motorist’s ability to drive safely.  AAA encourages motorists to invest in polarized sunglasses and keep them within easy reach at all times while driving.  Use the sun visor as needed.  Drive with your headlights on to increase your visibility to other drivers.  If possible, alternate your travel route or drive times to minimize sun glare issues.  On a regular basis, clean the inside and outside of your windshield.  When experiencing temporary sun glare, drive with extreme caution.  Slow down and use lane markings to help guide you.  All motorists should drive defensively when sun glare is a problem.  Stay alert when approaching intersections as glare from the sun may impact another driver’s ability to see your car, changing traffic signals, and stop signs.  Pedestrians and motorcyclists need to be extra observant and cautious, as well, since sun glare can pose a serious threat.