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22 September 2021

The Pandemic Prompts More Americans to Consider Travel Insurance

AAA Travel survey finds 31% of travelers are more likely to purchase travel insurance due to COVID-19

19 September 2021

Florida Gas Prices Jump 10 Cents; State Average Sets a New 2021 High

The state average price for gasoline reaches $3.10 per gallon

16 September 2021

Car Crashes Are the No. 1 Safety Issue for Children; AAA Provides the Do’s and Don’ts for Child Seats

National Child Passenger Safety Week is September 19 – 25

12 September 2021

Florida Gas Prices Decline 2 Cents

Pump prices are inchinig lower as gulf coast refineries restart operations

06 September 2021

Labor Day Gas Prices Were the Highest in Eight Years

The state average jumped 8 cents last week as refineries recover from Hurricane Ida

29 August 2021

Hurricane Ida to Cause Higher Gas Prices

The extent of the increase will depend on the damage to the Gulf Coast supply chain

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