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19 August 2019

Florida Gas Prices Set New Summertime Low

On average, Florida drivers have paid 21 cents per gallon less than last summer

11 August 2019

Gas Prices Decline for Third Consecutive Week

Florida drivers are paying 20 cents per gallon less than last month

04 August 2019

Summertime Gas Prices Averaging Lowest in Two Years

Florida gas prices have averaged nearly 20 cents per gallon less than last summer

02 August 2019

Back-to-School Season Brings Added Danger on the Roadway

Nearly 40 children were killed in Florida last year after being struck by a vehicle while walking or riding their bike

31 July 2019

AAA Honors Florida Hotels for Cleanliness and Condition

Nearly 500 Florida Hotels are Awarded AAA’s New “Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping Award”; The Second-Most in the Nation

29 July 2019

Florida Gas Prices are Falling; Down 12 Cents in 11 Days

Tampa Bay sees the largest weekly drop compared to any other metro area in the state

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