19 March 2023

Oil Prices Plummet to 2023 Lows; Gas Prices Face Renewed Downward Pressure

Florida gas prices jumped 15 cents per gallon last week, but relief may soon be on the way

17 March 2023

AAA Offers 'Tow to Go' Services for St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Floridians can call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO for a safe ride

12 March 2023

Florida Gas Prices Rose 11 Cents Last Week; Eased Through the Weekend

Drivers are currently paying an average price of $3.31 per gallon

08 March 2023

Prom and Graduation Season is Deadly for Teen Drivers

AAA urges Florida schools to get a free AAA PROMise toolkit to help keep teens safe

07 March 2023

AAA: More Floridians are Forecast to Travel for Spring Break This Year

83% of Floridians plan to travel in 2023; 40% are planning a spring break vacation

05 March 2023

Florida Gas Prices Drop Again, Yet Higher Prices are Imminent

The state average is 36 cents less than the 2023 high

02 March 2023

Fears of Self-Driving Cars are on the Rise

Drivers Increasingly Anxious as Autonomous Technology Advances

26 February 2023

Florida Gas Prices Move Lower after Modest Increase

Florida drivers are again paying $3.30 per gallon

19 February 2023

Florida Gas Prices Drop 28 cents in 3 Weeks; Down 9 Cents from a Week Ago

The state average is 9 cents less than a week ago

12 February 2023

Florida Gas Prices Dropped 19 Cents in the Past two Weeks

The downward trend at the pump may not last much longer