05 July 2022

Florida Gas Prices Dropped Nearly 10 Cents Last Week

The U.S. price for oil plummets below $100 a barrel; down 16% from Friday

29 June 2022

AAA Activates 'Tow to Go' for Independence Day Holiday Weekend

The free and confidential service provides transportation for impaired drivers and their vehicles who don't have a safe alternative

26 June 2022

Florida Gas Prices are Falling as Millions Prepare for a Holiday Road Trip

The state average has declined 21 cents in 2 weeks

21 June 2022

2.6 Million Floridians Will Travel for Independence Day

Car travel expected to set a new record despite historically high gas prices

19 June 2022

Florida Gas Prices are Falling; Down 7 Cents from Last Week

The U.S. interest rate hike and potential export caps has contributed to an oil price dip

14 June 2022

AAA's Tips to Prepare Motorists for Extreme Heat

Tips to address common heat-related vehicle issues

12 June 2022

U.S. Average Gas Price Exceeds $5 a Gallon; Florida's State Average is Slightly Lower

Florida gas prices averaged $4.89 per gallon on Sunday

07 June 2022

The 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers Have Begun

An average of seven people are killed, per day, in teen driver-related crashes from Memorial Day to Labor Day

05 June 2022

Florida Gas Prices Creep Closer to $5 a Gallon

Florida gas prices set a new record high of $4.76 per gallon on Sunday