13 September 2020

Gas Prices Slip as Tropical Storm Sally Approaches the Gulf Coast

Florida gas prices are 3 cents lower than a week ago

10 September 2020

AAA Cautions Consumers: Don’t Buy the Hype

New Research Shows Automaker Marketing May Lead to Overconfidence, Misunderstanding of Drivers Assistance Technology

07 September 2020

Florida Gas Prices Hit 6-Month Highs

Labor Day gas prices were the lowest for the holiday in 16 years

31 August 2020

Free Resources and Tips for Traveling During the Pandemic

AAA expects the majority of Labor Day travelers to take a road trip

30 August 2020

Florida Gas Prices Hold Steady After Hurricane Laura

Pump prices could still increase in response to gains in wholesale gasoline prices

24 August 2020

Gas Prices Remain Low as Tropical Systems Target Refinery Region

Nearly half of the United States' refining capacity is located along the Gulf of Mexico

17 August 2020

AAA: Florida Gas Prices Fall 4 Cents

Pump prices are the lowest in 3 weeks

12 August 2020

AAA Urges Drivers to be Cautious as Classes Resume

Stay alert especially around school zones and neighborhoods

09 August 2020

Florida Gas Prices Back Off From 20-Week High

Florida gas prices declined an average of 3 cents per gallon last week

06 August 2020

AAA Study Finds Flaws with Driver Assistance Technology

New AAA research finds inconsistencies with vehicle systems that automate speed, braking and lane centering