24 June 2019

Pump Prices Likely to Rise This Week

Domestic and International issues caused oil prices to spike last week

19 June 2019

14.8 Million Americans Admit to Driving High on Marijuana

Marijuana users who drive high are 2x more likely to be involved in a crash

17 June 2019

Florida Gas Prices Sink to 3-Month Lows

Gas prices dipped below $2.50 for the first time since March

10 June 2019

Florida Gas Prices Decline Again After Surprise Increase

Pump prices rose 6 cents last week

06 June 2019

Summer Gas Prices to be Lowest in Two Years

AAA Survey: Drivers now say $3.00 per gallon is too high

04 June 2019

FLHSMV Offers Summertime Safety Tips

Never leave children or pets in unattended motor vehicles

03 June 2019

Oil Prices Tumble; Gas Price Plunge Continues

Florida gas prices decline for fourth consecutive week

30 May 2019

The "100 Deadliest Days of Summer" Have Begun

Summer is a deadly season for teen drivers

24 May 2019

Florida has the Most Bicyclist Deaths in the U.S.

AAA urges bicyclists and motorists to share the road safely.

16 April 2019

AAA Sheds Light on Headlight Technology Needs

AAA believes adaptive driving beam headlights would improve safety on American roads