22 September 2019

Florida Gas Prices Jump 10 Cents; Level Out Over Weekend

Rising crude oil prices caused the jump at the pump

19 September 2019

Best Time to Book Holiday Travel

AAA reveals the ideal time to purchase flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas starts Sept. 25

15 September 2019

Gas Price Hikes are Likely After Attacks on Saudi Arabian Oil

Gas prices could rise 5-20 cents as a result

12 September 2019

The Cost of Owning a Vehicle is Highest in Nearly 70 Years

Spike in Finance Costs are Driving the Increase

30 August 2019

Hurricane Dorian Caused Gasoline Outages

Surging demand emptied pumps, as Floridians prepared for the storm

29 August 2019

Pre-Storm Preps for a Hurricane

AAA urges Floridians to prepare now, before it's too late

28 August 2019

Travelers Should Monitor Tropical Storm Dorian

Prepare your vehicle and home now in case the storm strikes

25 August 2019

Labor Day Gas Prices to Be Lowest in 2 Years

Florida drivers to pay 43 cents per gallon less than last year's holiday weekend

11 August 2019

Gas Prices Decline for Third Consecutive Week

Florida drivers are paying 20 cents per gallon less than last month

04 August 2019

Summertime Gas Prices Averaging Lowest in Two Years

Florida gas prices have averaged nearly 20 cents per gallon less than last summer