12 May 2019

Florida Gas Prices Drop 7 Cents

Lower oil and wholesale gasoline prices drive down Florida gas prices

09 May 2019

Why Aren’t Americans Plugging in to Electric Vehicles?

AAA finds interest in going green remains steady but consumers still slow to adopt

25 April 2019

AAA Study: How Seniors Can Safely Drive Longer

Fatigue and poor physical functioning are leading factors causing older adults to stop driving

16 April 2019

AAA Sheds Light on Headlight Technology Needs

AAA believes adaptive driving beam headlights would improve safety on American roads

11 April 2019

AAA's Top Summer Destinations; Florida City is #1

Majority of U.S. travelers are planning a summer getaway

01 April 2019

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Drivers using cell phones are up to eight times more likely to be involved in a crash; AAA urges drivers to take safe-driving pledge

28 March 2019

AAA PROMise: Don't Drive Impaired During Prom and Graduation Season

AAA urges high school students to make the AAA PROMise; Asks high schools for support

25 March 2019

Florida Gas Prices to Rise 10 Cents

Florida drivers may see gas prices rise another 10 cents this week

21 March 2019

100 Million Americans to Take Family Vacations in 2019

Road trips reign supreme for family getaways