15 December 2021

AAA Activates 'Tow to Go' for Christmas and NYE

Available in select locations from 6pm Friday, December 24th – 6am Monday, January 3rd

10 November 2021

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Holiday Road Trip

The three most common issues are dead batteries, flat tires, and lock outs

19 August 2021

Sticker Shock: Owning a New Vehicle Costs Nearly $10,000 Annually

AAA advises car buyers to budget for more than the monthly payment as car prices increase

27 July 2021

AAA Tests the Accuracy of In-Vehicle Fuel Economy Displays

New research finds drivers should not rely too heavily on fuel displays like “miles-to-empty”

10 September 2020

AAA Cautions Consumers: Don’t Buy the Hype

New Research Shows Automaker Marketing May Lead to Overconfidence, Misunderstanding of Drivers Assistance Technology

06 August 2020

AAA Study Finds Flaws with Driver Assistance Technology

New AAA research finds inconsistencies with vehicle systems that automate speed, braking and lane centering

31 July 2020

Hurricane Isaias Could Cause Dangerous Dirving Conditions this Weekend

AAA urges Floridians to avoid driving thorugh the storm; prepare for potential flooding

19 June 2020

2020 AAA Car Guide Helps Auto Buyers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Volvo Sedan earns top spot among 50 vehicles reviewed

14 April 2020

AAA Offers Free Roadside Assistance to Frontline Workers in Eight Florida Metro Areas

The offer is available to healthcare workers and first responders in Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Naples, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, and Tampa

02 April 2020

Tips for Protecting your Car While it Sits Unused

Florida's stay-at-home order means many vehicles could be unused for an extended period of time