21 February 2021

Gas Prices Surge Due to Arctic Blast in Texas

Power outages at fuel refineries sent gas prices to 19-month highs

15 February 2021

Florida Gas Prices Edge Lower; 2 Cents Less Than Last Week

Drivers are still paying some of the highest prices in more than a year

07 February 2021

Gas Prices Take an Unexpected Jump at the Pump

Pump prices are the most expensive in more than a year

31 January 2021

Florida Gas Prices Decline 2 Cents

January was the most expensive month at the pump since February 2020

24 January 2021

Gas Prices Reach 11-Month High

Florida gas prices jumped another 10 cents last week

18 January 2021

Gas Prices Hold at 10-Month Highs

Monday's state average of $2.30 per gallon, is fractions of a penny higher than last week 

10 January 2021

Gas Prices Rise 11 Cents

Crude oil prices surge to 11-month high

03 January 2021

2020 Gas Prices were the Lowest in 16 Years

Florida gas prices averaged $2.11 per gallon last year; 38 cents less than the average price in 2019

20 December 2020

Florida Gas Prices Reach 9-Month Highs

Florida's state average reaches the highest price since March; crude oil prices are highest since February

15 December 2020

1.7 Million Fewer Floridians are Forecast to Travel for Year-End Holidays

Three-quarters of Americans are expected to stay home; AAA advises caution for those who decide to trave