02 May 2021

Florida Gas Prices Slip to 8-Week Low

Pump prices are now 8 cents less than a month ago

25 April 2021

Florida Gas Prices Slip to 7-Week Lows

Pump prices are the lowest since early March

18 April 2021

Florida Gas Prices are Slightly Less than a Week Ago

Pump prices average 1-cent less than a week ago

11 April 2021

Gas Prices Level Off after 3-Week Decline

Florida gas prices hold steady at $2.84 per gallon

05 April 2021

Florida Gas Prices Drift Lower; Down 6 Cents in Two Weeks

Florida gas prices averaged $2.85 per gallon

28 March 2021

Gas Prices Decline 2 Cents; Suez Canal Blockage Buoys Falling Crude Prices

The average price for gasoline is 13 cents more than this time two years ago

21 March 2021

Gas Prices Above $2.90; Most Expensive Since May 2018

Pump prices may slip lower soon; wholesale gasoline prices dropped 20 cents last week

14 March 2021

Florida Gas Prices Rise Again; Reach $2.87 per Gallon

Gasoline futures rose again; another pump price hike is possible this week

07 March 2021

Gas Prices Rise 11 Cents; Most Expensive Since May 2019

Florida drivers may see another gas price hike this week due to OPEC+ production cuts

28 February 2021

Florida Gas Prices Hit 19-Month Highs

It was the most expensive February in four years