22 November 2021

Thanksgiving Gas Prices to be Most Expensive in 8 Years

Gas prices could gradually decline through the holiday weekend after oil price drop

14 November 2021

Florida Gas Prices Slip Lower; Down 4 Cents This Month

Gas prices averaged $3.27 per gallon during the weekend

07 November 2021

Gas Prices Slip after Oil Price Decline

The state average is now $3.28 per gallon, after declining 3 cents last week

31 October 2021

Florida Gas Prices Hold Steady at $3.31 Per Gallon

After rocketing higher for most of the month, October ended with gas prices holding steady

24 October 2021

Gas Prices Stabilize After Another 13-Cent Hike

The state average now sits at $3.31 per gallon - the most expensive daily average price since October 2014

17 October 2021

Florida Drivers Face Another Round of Rising Gas Prices

Rising crude prices could drag the state average above $3.20 per gallon

10 October 2021

Crude Oil Price Spike Drags Gas Prices to New 2021 Highs

Florida gas prices surged 12 cents last week, rising from $3.05 to $3.17 per gallon

03 October 2021

Gas Prices Face Upward Pressure as Oil Prices Rise

Florida gas prices declined 2 cents last week, as the price of crude set a new 2021 high 

26 September 2021

Florida Gas Prices Fall an Average of 3 Cents

Drivers are still paying some of the most expensive prices at the pump since October 2014

19 September 2021

Florida Gas Prices Jump 10 Cents; State Average Sets a New 2021 High

The state average price for gasoline reaches $3.10 per gallon