26 April 2020

Gas Prices at 4-year Lows; Oil Prices Recover from Historic Lows

Oil analysts worry global crude storage will reach capacity in 3-4 weeks

20 April 2020

Crude Oil Prices Collapse; Set New Record Low

The price for US crude oil settled at -$37.63 per barrel

19 April 2020

Florida Gas Prices Down 60 Cents Since February

Oil prices sank to 18-year lows; US gasoline demand down nearly 60 percent

12 April 2020

OPEC and Allies Agree to Historic Oil Production Cut; Gas Prices Still Falling

The deal should not have an immediate impact on gas prices

05 April 2020

Florida Gas Prices Plunge 50 cents in 40 Days

Oil prices rally as countries consider cutting crude production

29 March 2020

Florida Gas Prices Plunge; State Average Sinks Below $2 a Gallon

75% of Florida gas stations have sub-$2 gasoline; demand reportedly down as much as 50%

22 March 2020

Florida Gas Price Plunge; Lowest in Nearly Four Years

42% of retailers have gasoline below $2 a gallon; Pumps to remain supplied with fuel

15 March 2020

Florida Drivers Finding Gas Prices Below $2 a Gallon

11% of Florida filling stations have sub-$2 gas prices

08 March 2020

Sub-$2 Gasoline Likely in Florida; Crude Oil Plummets Overnight

Crude oil hits lowest price in four years amid coronavirus concerns

01 March 2020

Oil Prices Plummet on Coronavirus Concerns; Gas Price Declines Expected

Crude prices to hit 14-month lows; State Average Could Soon Dip Below $2.30 per gallon