06 January 2020

Middle East Conflict Could Impact Gas Prices

Oil prices surged Friday, which could contribute to higher prices at the pump

29 December 2019

2019 Gas Prices Were Lower than Last Year

Pump prices could jump 20-30 cents in the spring

22 December 2019

Gas Prices Fall as Millions Hit the Road for the Holidays

Oil prices remain elevated, preventing a pump price plunge

15 December 2019

Gas Prices Could be Impacted by US-China Trade Agreement

Florida gas prices have declined 6 cents in the past week; remain 16 cents more than last year

12 December 2019

Year-End Holiday Travel will Set New Records

115.6 million Americans (6.1 million Floridians) are forecast to travel for the holidays

09 December 2019

Florida Gas Prices Edge Lower After 11-Cent Hike

The state average increased 11 cents per gallon on Wednesday, before declining two pennies over the weekend. 

01 December 2019

Florida Gas Prices Level-Out After 8-Cent Hike

Pump prices are poised for decline after oil prices dropped on Black Friday

24 November 2019

Florida Gas Prices Could Rise Before Thanksgiving

Pump prices could rise 5-10 cents, but remain less than the price last Thanksgiving

17 November 2019

Florida Gas Prices Dip to 9-Month Lows

Florida's state average is the 13-lowest in the nation; lowest daily price since February

11 November 2019

Florida Gas Prices Fall Four Cents

Florida gas prices are 13th-lowest in the US