05 April 2020

Florida Gas Prices Plunge 50 cents in 40 Days

Oil prices rally as countries consider cutting crude production

29 March 2020

Florida Gas Prices Plunge; State Average Sinks Below $2 a Gallon

75% of Florida gas stations have sub-$2 gasoline; demand reportedly down as much as 50%

22 March 2020

Florida Gas Price Plunge; Lowest in Nearly Four Years

42% of retailers have gasoline below $2 a gallon; Pumps to remain supplied with fuel

15 March 2020

Florida Drivers Finding Gas Prices Below $2 a Gallon

11% of Florida filling stations have sub-$2 gas prices

08 March 2020

Sub-$2 Gasoline Likely in Florida; Crude Oil Plummets Overnight

Crude oil hits lowest price in four years amid coronavirus concerns

01 March 2020

Oil Prices Plummet on Coronavirus Concerns; Gas Price Declines Expected

Crude prices to hit 14-month lows; State Average Could Soon Dip Below $2.30 per gallon

23 February 2020

Florida Gas Prices Drift Lower After 10-Cent Hike

Florida drivers went from paying an average price of $2.33 per gallon on Monday, to $2.42/g Wednesday

16 February 2020

Florida Gas Prices Hit New 2020 Low

Gasoline prices have sold within a range of 23 cents this year

09 February 2020

Florida Gas Prices Decline After 6-cent Bump

Retailers likely raised prices to offset the cost of new fuel contracts that come with a new month

02 February 2020

Florida Pump Prices Plunging; Coronavirus Contributes to Demand Concerns

Florida gas prices decline 7 cents in the past week; nearly 20 cents in less than three weeks