08 July 2019

Florida Gas Prices Drift Lower

Pump prices surged 26 cents during the past two weeks; should decline 5 cents this week

01 July 2019

Gas Prices Likely to Rise Before Independence Day

The state average is now 10 cents more than a week ago

24 June 2019

Pump Prices Likely to Rise This Week

Domestic and International issues caused oil prices to spike last week

17 June 2019

Florida Gas Prices Sink to 3-Month Lows

Gas prices dipped below $2.50 for the first time since March

10 June 2019

Florida Gas Prices Decline Again After Surprise Increase

Pump prices rose 6 cents last week

06 June 2019

Summer Gas Prices to be Lowest in Two Years

AAA Survey: Drivers now say $3.00 per gallon is too high

03 June 2019

Oil Prices Tumble; Gas Price Plunge Continues

Florida gas prices decline for fourth consecutive week

27 May 2019

Memorial Day Gas Prices Were 30 Cents Less Than Last Year

Florida drivers are saving nearly $5 on a full tank of gas.

24 May 2019

Gas Prices Plummet as Millions Travel for Memorial Day

Florida gas prices are 30 cents less than last year's holiday.

12 May 2019

Florida Gas Prices Drop 7 Cents

Lower oil and wholesale gasoline prices drive down Florida gas prices