13 April 2021

AAA Survey: Users of Marijuana and Alcohol Take More Risks Behind the Wheel

As 4/20 looms, AAA Survey Finds Users of Both Admit Variety of Dangerous Driving Behaviors

25 March 2021

Wrong-Way Crashes on The Rise Nationwide

AAA lists the top 3 contributors to wrong-way crashes

17 March 2021

Orlando School Teacher Wins National Safety Award

Kevin Williams is awarded AAA School Safety Patrol ‘Advisor of the Year’

02 March 2021

AAA Celebrates Major Milestone: 100 Years of the AAA School Safety Patrol Program®

The World’s Largest School-Based Safety Program Curbs Student Pedestrian Deaths

03 February 2021

Have a Plan for Getting Home After the "Big Game"

Whether you go to the game or a watch party, have a game plan for getting home safely

28 January 2021

AAA Crash Test Study: Small Speed Increases Carry Big Consequences

Studies show Americans drove faster in 2020 compared to 2019

15 December 2020

Don’t Let the Holiday Season Drive You into a Rage

AAA warns of aggressive driving and offers advice for dealing with road rage

15 December 2020

1.7 Million Fewer Floridians are Forecast to Travel for Year-End Holidays

Three-quarters of Americans are expected to stay home; AAA advises caution for those who decide to trave

08 December 2020

Drive Safely While Viewing Holiday Lights

Follow these tips to avoid trouble while taking in the sights of the season

30 September 2020

Distracted Driving: It’s Not Just Talking and Texting on Your Phone

October is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month