30 December 2019

New Years is the Deadliest on US Roads; Busiest for Tow to Go

AAA and Budweiser provide 'Tow to Go' as a safe alternative to driving impaired

19 December 2019

AAA Activates Safe Ride Program for Holidays

AAA, Budweiser offer free "Tow to Go" service, as a safe alternative to driving impaired

17 December 2019

Drivers Risk Becoming Too Reliant on Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies

As drivers develop more experience and comfort using advanced driver assistance systems, they are also more likely to drive distracted while using the systems

25 November 2019

AAA Offers "Tow to Go" to Reduce Impaired Driving this Thanksgiving

AAA, Budweiser will offer free "Tow to Go" service, as a safe alternative to driving impaired

21 November 2019

Tips for Driving your Christmas Tree Home Safely

Drivers who do not safely secure their Christmas tree risk damaging their vehicle and injuring others

07 November 2019

Changes in Driving Habit may be Unnecessary for Some Older Drivers

Lack of comfort or confidence on the road can cause older adults to make unnecessary changes or reduce their driving

30 October 2019

Halloween Carries a Scary Risk for Drivers and Pedestrians

Halloween one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians

30 October 2019

AAA Activates Tow to Go for Halloween

AAA, Budweiser offer free Tow to Go program to keep impaired drivers off the road

20 October 2019

Teen Driver Safety Week; October 20 - 26

New teen drivers are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash.

27 September 2019

Florida's New Handheld Cellphone Ban Goes Into Effect October 1

Drivers are prohibited from using handheld cellular devices in school and construction zones