24 February 2011



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AAA offers tips to help motorists go farther for less

TAMPA, Fla. (Feb. 24, 2010) — This February’s national average price for regular retail gasoline is more than any other February year-over-year in the past decade, with a monthly average of $3.13. Although many motorists are alarmed with the increase in gas prices, there are things consumers can do to get more out of a tank of gas.

Automobile travel is the most widely used means of transportation and record high gas prices put fuel efficiency top of mind, especially for motorists who do not have the ability to use public transportation. Since a tank of gas adds up fast, AAA recommends motorists make minor adjustments to ensure they get the most out of each gallon of gas.

“Something as simple as driving the speed limit and having properly inflated tires can increase a vehicle’s miles per gallon up to 33 percent,” said Jessica Brady, spokesperson, AAA Auto Club South. "Retail gas prices are expected to increase further with the continued unrest in the Middle East, so consumers will welcome any means possible to save a few dollars at the pump."

AAA makes it easy for motorists to find the cheapest gas stations along their route no matter where they go with the AAA TripTik Mobile iPhone App. The app provides a list of local gas stations by proximity and displays their price for a gallon of gas. The app is available to AAA members and nonmembers and is free to download.

For motorists who want to budget the cost of their road trip or daily commute, they can do so with AAA’s Fuel Cost Calculator. Consumers can also visit AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report to check the average cost for gas whether national or local, as well as historical prices.

Be Efficient to Get the Most Out of Your Fuel

  • Pay for gas with cash if in an area where retailers offer a cash vs. credit price. Many gas retailers now offer consumers a cash price that’s 5 to 10 cents less a gallon than if they paid with a credit card. Retailers have to pay a transaction fee to credit card companies whenever plastic is swiped. By paying in cash, consumers save retailers money, and in turn retailers pass the savings on to motorists.
  • Drive sensibly and safely. Aggressive driving, speeding, and rapid acceleration waste gas and can lower gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent in city limits. Sensible driving not only saves gas, but is safer for yourself and those around you.
  • Remove excess weight.Remove unnecessary items in your vehicle, especially heavy ones. An extra 100 pounds in a vehicle can reduce your MPG up to 2 percent. The reduction is based on the percentage of extra weight relative to the vehicle’s weight and affects smaller vehicles more than larger ones.
  • Avoid constant braking. Minimize the need to brake by anticipating traffic conditions. Be alert for slowdowns and red lights ahead of you, and decelerate by coasting whenever possible.
  • Use the air conditioner conservatively.Most air conditioners have an “economy” or “recirculation” setting that reduces the amount of hot air outside that must be chilled. Both settings can reduce the air-conditioning load and save gas.

AAA Auto Club South is the third largest affiliate of AAA, with 79 branch offices serving more than 4.1 million members in Florida, Georgia, Middle/West Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. Since its founding in 1938, AAA Auto Club South has worked to protect and advance freedom of mobility and improve travel safety.



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