19 October 2018

If you plan to welcome treat-or-treaters to your home this holiday, AAA Insurance encourages homeowners and renters to do a quick assessment of the outdoor area to help ensure the safety of all little visitors.   Remove planters or any other ornamental yard decorations from steps, porch, or walkway areas, as they may cause children wearing masks and costumes to trip or fall.  Avoid using fire-lit pumpkins or lanterns near any area where children may be present.  Keep family pets safely secured and away from children.  Use bright light bulbs in the outdoor light fixtures located near your front door, driveway, or walkway.   AAA also warns that if children are required to walk across your driveway to access your front door, park your vehicles in a safe location.  Doing so will prevent Halloween costumes from catching on side door mirrors and prevent vehicle scratches inadvertently caused by costume accessories.  Since some anxious children may walk across your yard, make certain water hoses are safely stowed away.  Low hanging branches should be trimmed.   Remove thick door mats that may cause small children to trip.  Unless the trick-or-treaters are family members or close friends, refrain from inviting strangers into your home to receive treats.