20 March 2014

Extreme Temperatures Affect Electric Vehicle Driving Range, AAA Says

New study conducted by the AAA Automotive Research Center shows electric vehicle driving range can be nearly 60 percent lower in extreme cold and 33 percent lower in extreme heat.
04 March 2014

AAA: A Sure Sign of Spring – Gas Prices are on the Rise

AURORA, Ill., Mar. 4, 2014 — For those who have been waiting throughout this extreme winter for signs of spring, the slow but steady climb of gas prices as March begins is one of the first indicators. Gas price averages started the year off relatively low due to less driving and decreased demand, but prices are starting to rise as many refineries begin seasonal maintenance. Illinois and Indiana drivers are currently paying on average $3.70 and $3.61 respectively for a gallon of regular unleaded. These prices reflect a rise of over $.30 from just a month ago. 
21 October 2013

AAA: Prepare Your Teen for All Driving Challenges

AURORA, Ill., October 21, 2013­ – As Teen Driver Safety Week kicks off (October 20-26, 2013), AAA reminds parents of the critical role they play to ensure their teen receives supervised driving practice that prepares them for all driving challenges. AAA recommends parents practice these five challenging driving scenarios with their teen during the learning-to-drive process. By becoming more involved in their teens’ driver education, parents will help their teens to build confidence and experience through these challenging driving situations before their teen hits the road solo.
04 October 2013

AAA: Pink Tow Truck to Service Chicagoland Motorists in October

AURORA, ILL., Oct. 3, 2013­– Stranded motorists shouldn’t be surprised if they see a pink tow truck coming to their aid. For the second time in AAA’s more than 110-year history, it is painting its classic red, white and blue tow trucks the color pink in order to raise awareness of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in collaboration with the American Cancer Society.