01 February 2017

AAA: Gas Prices on the Decline in Illinois/Indiana

After rising at the beginning of January, pump prices are back on the decline in Illinois and northern Indiana heading into February. Illinois prices are averaging $2.28, a decrease from $2.48 a month ago but still up considerably from $1.69 a year ago. Indiana drivers are paying on average $2.07, down from $2.40 a month ago but still up from $1.63 a year ago. 

20 September 2016

AAA: U.S. Drivers Waste $2.1 Billion Annually on Premium Gasoline

According to new AAA research, American drivers wasted more than $2.1 billion dollars in the last year by using premium-grade gasoline in vehicles designed to run on regular fuel. With 16.5 million U.S. drivers having used premium fuel despite the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation in the last 12 months, AAA conducted a comprehensive fuel evaluation to determine what, if any, benefit the practice offers to consumers. 

07 July 2016

AAA: Not All Gasoline is Created Equal

Many motorists choose a gas station based on the location or price, but a recent AAA study reveals there is a difference in fuel quality depending on where you purchase your gas. A new study by AAA reveals a real difference in the quality of gasoline you buy at the pump: 
  • AAA studied TOP TIER gasoline brands, which claim to exceed EPA requirements on detergent levels in gasoline, resulting in reduced engine deposits that can cause fuel economy reductions, increased emissions, and performance issues.
  • After 4,000 miles of simulated driving, the test engine operating on TOP TIER gasolines averaged 19 times fewer intake valve deposits than when operated on non-TOP TIER gasolines.
  • Long-term use of a gasoline without an enhanced additive package can lead to reductions in fuel economy of 2-4%, drivability issues, and increased emissions.
  • The average price difference between the TOP TIER and non-TOP TIER brands surveyed was three cents per gallon over a 12-month period.
  • For optimal vehicle performance and fuel economy, AAA recommends drivers use a gasoline that meets TOP TIER standards whenever possible.