07 July 2005


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Traveling in a foreign country can be an unforgettable experience. Somewhere between the castles and cathedrals, plan safety into each day’s activities.

Upon Arrival

  • Be alert at all times. Keep your distance from luggage or packages left unattended at airports and other public places.
  • Use an authorized money exchange outlet. Use local currency to pay for taxis and tips.
  • Use only authorized airport and hotel taxis. Avoid those that pick up additional persons en route. Only travel in a taxi with a meter.
At The Hotel
  • Alert your hotel to your arrival time. Check-in time is usually 3 p.m. After a long flight, you may want to reserve the room for the night before.
  • Request a hotel room with an in-room safe. Unless you need them during the day, leave your passport, airline ticket and other valuables in the safe.
  • Inquire about telephone use and charges. Check with hotel staff to determine whether or not debit cards are needed with public telephones.
  • Compare exchange rates and service fees. Investigate exchange rates with the hotel cashier, bank and local foreign exchange office.
In The City
  • Travel with a detailed map. Mark your hotel, embassy and police station. Carry a sheet of hotel stationery to communicate with taxi drivers.
  • Wear a money belt or neck purse under your clothing. If a handbag is necessary, place the shoulder strap over your head and hold it in front.
  • Be cautious of street vendors and attention-gathering distractions. While your focus is diverted, a second person may try to steal your belongings.
  • Notify the police immediately if your passport is lost or stolen. Bring the police report, identification and spare passport photos to the nearest United States Embassy. If your credit cards or travelers checks are missing, contact the issuing company immediately.
  • Keep receipts and purchases together. Keep your purchases in one bag to ease going through customs.
Travel Security Resources

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