16 March 2022

AAA Offers Safety Tips for Dealing With Potholes

Cycle of freezing and thawing has wreaked havoc on Michigan roads

02 February 2022

AAA Urges Drivers to Prepare for Severe Winter Storm

AAA Provides Information on Roadside Assistance and Safety Tips

01 February 2022

AAA Tests Vehicle Technology Designed to Keep Drivers Engaged

AAA Research Reveals Driver Monitoring Systems can be Fooled and need Refinement

26 January 2022

AAA Issues a Michigan Statewide Arctic Air Advisory

Tips help motorists keep their vehicles road-ready

24 January 2022

AAA Issues Winter Weather Safe Driving Alert for Michigan

AAA urges motorists to prepare their vehicles for an emergency and be cautious when driving in adverse weather conditions.

16 November 2021

AAA: 48.3 Million are Preparing for Thanksgiving Road Trips; How Ready are Their Vehicles?

AAA offers advice to help get your vehicle road trip ready

14 October 2021

Rained Out: Vehicle Safety Systems Struggle to “See” in Bad Weather

AAA finds automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assistance performance is impeded by rain

30 September 2021

AAA Raises Awareness of Roadside Dangers after Tow Provider Deaths

AAA Research Reveals That Some Drivers May Not Grasp the Danger They Pose To Those at the Roadside

27 July 2021

AAA: “Miles-to-Empty” Warning Fuels When Drivers Decide to Fill Up

New research finds drivers should not rely too heavily on in-dash fuel economy displays.

26 May 2021

AAA Urges Memorial Day Travelers to Ensure Their Ride is Roadtrip Ready

AAA provides a vehicle checklist to help drivers get their vehicle ready for the road.