06 August 2020

AAA Finds Active Driving Assistance Systems Do Less to Assist Drivers and More to Interfere

AAA automotive researchers found that over the course of 4,000 miles of real-world driving, vehicles equipped with active driving assistance systems experienced some type of issue every 8 miles, on average.

15 July 2020

Sterling Car Care Receives AAA Best in Repair for 2020

 Just one of four in the country, Sterling Car Care has been named one of AAA’s Best in Repair facilities.

05 March 2020

Self-Driving Cars Stuck in Neutral on the Road to Acceptance

A new AAA survey on automated vehicles reveals that only one in ten drivers (12%) would trust riding in a self-driving car.

23 January 2020

AAA: Owning an Electric Vehicle is the Cure for Most Consumer Concerns

The study also revealed that the experience of owning an electric vehicle eases one of the biggest fears associated with these cars – range anxiety. 

23 October 2019

Prepare Your Vehicle for the Season

In many states, seasonal changes can have an overwhelming effect on a vehicle’s performance. Regular maintenance can mean the difference between life and death. 

24 September 2019

Need AAA Roadside Help? Just talk to Google or Alexa

AAA members needing emergency service can now get help just by talking to their digital assistant. 

19 September 2019

AAA Revving Up for Fourth Annual Auto Expo

The general public, including auto enthusiasts are invited to display their cars, interact with other car buffs, check out the cars that are on display or simply be a part of this annual celebration of the automobile

12 September 2019

AAA: True Cost of Annual Vehicle Ownership Rises to $9,282

Finance costs on new car purchases have jumped 24% in 2019, according to new AAA research, pushing the average annual cost of vehicle ownership to $9,282.

20 May 2019

Record-Breaking Michigan Memorial Day Holiday Travel Forecast

Memorial Day signals the beginning of the summer travel season. It also signals a higher risk time for unsafe driving, motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. In a unified effort to help prevent traffic deaths and injuries, AAA Michigan, the Detroit Tigers, Michigan State Police and local law enforcement agencies have teamed up to promote a safer summer.

16 April 2019

It's Time to Bring U.S. Headlight Standards Out of the Dark Ages

Driving at night carries the highest fatality rate for both drivers and pedestrians but could be made safer by headlight technology already on the roads in Europe and Canada.