25 February 2019

Michigan Gas Prices Decline After Setting New 2019-High

Gas prices in Michigan have declined the past four consecutive days, after setting a new 2019-high of $2.48 per gallon, last week. 

18 February 2019

Gas Prices Set to Rise; Oil Hits 3-Month High

After declining 4 cents early last week, gas prices in Michigan jumped 12 cents in the middle of the week. Now it appears additional price-hikes could soon be on the way. 

11 February 2019

Michigan Gas Prices Declining After 18-Cent Spike

Gas prices in Michigan are declining, after bouncing an average of 18 cents during the past week. The state average set a new 2019-high of $2.33 per gallon on Thursday, after wholesale gasoline prices surged 17 cents. 

07 January 2019

AAA Forecasts Lower Gas Prices in 2019

Prices at the pump are off to their lowest start to the month of January since 2016. Gas prices in Michigan are slipping lower again, after rising 8 cents last week. 

19 March 2008

AAA Survey Measures Effect Of High Gas Prices On Members

According to a recent survey of AAA Michigan members, the make and model of a car took the back seat to gas mileage as the single most important factor that will determine what kind of car AAA members will buy.

19 June 2007

AAA Michigan Launches Greenlight Initiative To Build Awareness Of Alternative Fuels

Imagine a time when you no longer go to the gas station to fuel up your car. Instead, you plug your car into an electrical outlet, or just fill up the tank with french fry oil. You may not have noticed, but that future is now.

08 November 2006

Online Oil & Gas Resources

Online Resources

14 October 2005

EPA Releases New Fuel Economy Ratings

With this year’s high gas prices, car shoppers have become less interested in SUVs. But some auto makers are trying to lure buyers back with new gasoline/electric hybrid SUVs that get better gas mileage than a typical compact car.

24 August 2005

AAA Has Gas-Saving Tips, Online Fuel Price Finder

Motorists planning a summer driving trip may take advantage of a free AAA service – the AAA Fuel Price Finder – available online at www.aaa.com.