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31 January 2020

North Dakota Gas Average at 10-Month Low

The average gas price in North Dakota fell five cents during January, ending the month at its lowest point in more than 10 months.

30 January 2020

Fatal Crashes Involving Drivers Who Test Positive for Marijuana Increase After State Legalizes Drug

A concerning number of Washington state drivers involved in fatal crashes are testing positive for recent use of marijuana.

29 January 2020

Drive Sober, Keep Penalties off Roads during Super Bowl Weekend

To promote safe driving and encourage motorists to plan ahead for getting home safely over the Super Bowl weekend, AAA is offering its free Tow to Go program.

21 January 2020

Auto Club Group Joins Vision Zero Partners to Urge Motorists to Slow Down, Move Over to Protect Tow Operators, First Responders

AAA–The Auto Club Group today joins representatives from Vision Zero agencies fromn across North Dakota to announce the start of an ongoing Slow Down, Move Over campaign.

09 January 2020

Auto Club Group, AAA Carolinas Merge and Combine Operations

In an effort to provide the best experience for AAA members, The Auto Club Group (ACG) and AAA Carolinas have merged and have combined operations.

06 January 2020

Gas Price Average Holds Steady Amid Tensions with Iran

The National gas price average held steady on the week, but that could change depending on the movement of crude oil prices due to geopolitical concerns.

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