11 August 2022

Annual Cost of New Car Ownership Tops $10,000

Seemingly everything has become more expensive this year, and that includes owning and operating a new vehicle.

15 July 2022

Americans Reveal Thoughts on Electric Vehicles

A new national survey by AAA shows that a quarter of consumers plan to go electric for their next vehicle purchase.

12 May 2022

AAA Testing Finds Inconsistencies with Driving Assistance Systems

Another round of AAA testing reveals more inconsistencies with the performance of driving assistance systems found in vehicles on the road today.

06 August 2020

AAA Study Finds Flaws with Driver Assistance Technology

Although designed to assist drivers in order to reduce or eliminate traffic crashes, AAA is warning drivers to be cautious of trusting certain vehicle technology.

18 April 2019

AAA: Time to Bring U.S. Headlight Standards out of Dark Ages

Driving at night carries the highest fatality rate for both drivers and pedestrians but could be made safer by headlight technology already on the roads in Europe and Canada.