06 April 2020

ND Gas 84 Cents Cheaper than Year Ago

Today’s average gas price in North Dakota is $1.79. That is seven cents cheaper than last Monday, 53 cents less than a month ago and 84 cents less expensive than a year ago.

31 March 2020

Four-Year Low: National Gas Price Under $2

The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline dropped below $2 per gallon for the first time in four years.

30 March 2020

ND Gas 15 Cents Below National Average

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in North Dakota fell 10 cents in the past week. At $1.86, today's statewide average is 15 cents below the national average of $2.01.

23 March 2020

ND Among 21 States with Gas Average below $2

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in North Dakota declined by 20 cents in the past week.  With today’s average at $1.96, North Dakota joins 20 other states with an average below $2.

17 March 2020

Gas Continues Freefall as Pandemic Reduces Demand, Oil Prices Tumble

Gas prices are falling sharply as Americans heed the advice of officials and implement social distancing.

02 March 2020

Gap Closed: North Dakota Gas Cheaper than One Year Ago

While the North Dakota gas average is unchanged from one week ago ($2.34), it is now one penny less than this time last year. Gas prices have not been cheaper year-over-year since November 30 of last year.

31 January 2020

North Dakota Gas Average at 10-Month Low

The average gas price in North Dakota fell five cents during January, ending the month at its lowest point in more than 10 months.

06 January 2020

Gas Price Average Holds Steady Amid Tensions with Iran

The National gas price average held steady on the week, but that could change depending on the movement of crude oil prices due to geopolitical concerns.

23 December 2019

Gas Prices Cheaper for Winter, but Higher than Last Year

The end of the year historically ushers in some of the cheapest gas prices of the year. While current averages are trending lower, they won’t go as low as last year.

16 December 2019

Falling Demand, Strong Inventories Lead to Lower Gasoline Prices

December is finally bringing cheaper gas prices to pumps across the country.