18 November 2019

Increase in Gasoline Stocks Help Push Gas Prices Lower

An increase in gasoline stocks is helping push gas prices cheaper. The trend is expected to continue throughout most of the month and perhaps through year’s end.

01 November 2019

North Dakota Gas Prices Down in October

North Dakota motorist saved a little on gas in October.

26 August 2019

A Quarter Saved: AAA Sees Lower Gas Prices for Labor Day Travelers

Gas prices for the Labor Day weekend are lining up to be about a quarter less than last year.

12 August 2019

Gas Prices Continue Trend Lower

Motorists in North Dakota and across the country are paying less at the pump as gas prices continue to move lower.

05 August 2019

Slight Drop in Gas Price Could Signal Further Declines

The price of gas in North Dakota slipped slightly last week but remains six cents above the statewide average of one month ago. Meanwhile, the national average fell two cents last week and is four cents lower than one month ago.

24 June 2019

Gas Prices Drop While Demand Reaches New Heights

U.S. gasoline demand hit the highest level ever recorded during the week of June 14, yet pump prices continue to move lower across the country.

06 June 2019

AAA Forecasts Summer Gas Price Average to Drop

When it comes to filling-up at the pump, Americans are changing their perception of what they consider “too expensive.” AAA’s 2019 Gas Price survey found that 50 percent of consumers think paying $3 per gallon is too high – an increase of 30-cents from last year when half of consumers reported $2.70 as too expensive. That 2019 price point is also 50 cents more than in 2016, when half of consumers thought $2.50 was too much to pay at the pump. The good news is that the highest prices of the year may be in the rearview mirror.

13 May 2019

North Dakota Gas Average Declines Slightly

North Dakota gas prices saw a slight decline last week indicating a possible early spring peak. Typically leading up to Memorial Day, ongoing refinery maintenance and healthy consumer demand contribute to pump prices increasing.

18 April 2019

Gas Prices Continue Move Higher on Refinery Issues, Higher Oil Prices

Gas prices continue to rise, hitting the highest levels for this date since 2014.