15 August 2023

AAA Urges Drivers to Stay Alert as Students Return to School

As students across North Dakota begin heading back to school over the coming days, AAA urges motorists to slow down, stay alert in neighborhoods and school zones and to expect the unexpected.

21 July 2023

New Law Helps Protect All Drivers on the Roadside

A law that goes into effect Tuesday, Aug. 1, will help protect stranded motorists on North Dakota’s interstate and multi-lane highways.

14 July 2023

First Do No Harm: Prioritize Safety Before Raising Speed Limits

Drivers desiring faster commutes might view a higher speed limit as a boon, but is it always the safest choice?

29 June 2023

AAA Activates 'Tow to Go' in North Dakota for Independence Day Weekend

As AAA prepares to rescue more than 393,000 drivers nationwide with car trouble this Independence Day weekend, it will also provide a free service in effort to keep impaired drivers off the road. 

10 February 2023

Study Finds Vehicle-Mounted Safety Signs Effective at Reducing Roadside Collisions

AAA-The Auto Club Group continues its “Move Over for Me” campaign by sharing a new study that examines the risk of being on the roadside and the effectiveness of various tools designed to alert approaching drivers.

17 August 2022

School Traffic Returning! AAA Provides Safety Tips

North Dakota roads are about to get more crowded - and hazardous - as thousands of students and teachers return to school.

01 August 2022

Bad Medicine? Many Drivers Hit the Road on Potentially Impairing Medications

A national survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals many Americans admit to taking one or more potentially impairing medications before getting behind the wheel.

01 February 2022

AAA Tests Vehicle Technology Designed to Keep Drivers Engaged

New real-world testing by AAA found systems using a driver-facing camera are best at keeping motorists focused on the road. Unfortunately, the technology is not foolproof and a driver determined to cheat the system can defeat it.

24 November 2021

AAA Tips: Safely Transport Christmas Trees

If you plan to purchase a real Christmas tree this holiday season, AAA urges you to have a plan to get it home safely.

28 October 2021

AAA Finds Better Driver Behavior, Room for Improvement

A new AAA report finds unsafe driving behaviors, including red-light running, drowsy driving, and driving impaired on cannabis or alcohol, have declined in the past three years.