19 August 2019

AAA Urges Motorists to Use Extra Caution as Kids Head Back to School

As students across North Dakota are preparing for the start of the school year, AAA reminds motorists to be aware of increased child pedestrian activity and traffic congestion.

01 August 2019

AAA Warns Motorists Hands-free Isn’t Risk Free

AAA is advising North Dakota motorists heading to -- or traveling through -- Minnesota of a new law which went into effect today. With the enactment of the new “hands-free” cell phone law, Minnesota joins 19 other states in an effort to prevent deadly distracted driving crashes by banning the use of hand held cell phones when operating a motor vehicle. 

25 July 2019

In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems Especially Distracting to Older Drivers

New in-vehicle infotainment technology has the potential to increase comfort and extend mobility for older drivers, but first it has to stop distracting them.

24 July 2019

AAA Urges Drivers to Take Action on Air Bag Recall

Despite a nationwide recall issued in 2015, some 15.4 million vehicles in the United States are still equipped with Takata air bags that pose a potentially deadly risk to drivers and passengers.

16 July 2019

Vehicle Escape Tools are a Lifesaver – in the Right Situation

New research from AAA reveals that most vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able to penetrate laminated glass. AAA urges drivers to know what type of side window glass is installed on their vehicle, keep a secure and easily accessible escape tool in their car and have a backup plan in case an escape tool cannot be used or doesn’t work.

19 June 2019

Study: Americans Don’t Think They’ll Get Arrested for Driving High

Nearly 70 percent of Americans think it’s unlikely a driver will get caught by police for driving while high on marijuana, according to a new AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey. An alarming finding shows that an estimated 14.8 million drivers report getting behind the wheel within one hour after using marijuana in the past 30 days.

22 April 2019

Motorists Urged to Watch for Motorcycles

As longer daylight hours lead to rising temperatures and melting snow, motorcycle riders are itching to hit the open roads. As they do, AAA is advising motorists to be extra cautious and aware of all vehicles around them.

04 February 2009

Seat Belts Could Save 5,000 Lives Every Year

With at least 45 percent effectiveness, safety belts are the single most effective means of reducing the risk of death in a crash and save more than 15,000 lives each year in the United States.

02 January 2009

‘Slow Down, Move Over’ When Passing Vehicles Providing Assistance

With winter having a firm grip on the state, AAA North Dakota is reminding motorists to “Slow Down, Move Over” for emergency, roadside assistance or road repair vehicles with emergency lights flashing.