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25 February 2021

AAA: Today’s Vehicle Technology Must Walk So Self-Driving Cars Can Run

Automakers may already hold the key to improving public acceptance of self-driving cars: fine-tuning existing vehicle technology.

19 February 2021

Ice Dams: What they are and how to prevent them

Between the frigid temperatures outside and the heat cranked inside, conditions are ripe for the formation of ice dams. Ice dams form when heat inside the house enters the attic and melts snow on the roof.

18 February 2021

AAA – The Auto Club Group Insurance Providers Receive Credit Rating Boost

Known for providing its members with first-class roadside assistance, AAA – The Auto Club Group’s standing in the insurance industry continues to thrive.

10 February 2021

55% of Nebraskans Uncomfortable Traveling During Pandemic

A new AAA travel survey, conducted in January, reveals that 55 percent of Nebraskans are uncomfortable traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic

08 February 2021

Low Temps Lead to High Number of Dead Car Batteries

Low temperatures lead to high numbers of motorists stranded with dead batteries.

02 February 2021

Highway Safety Coalition Urges Unicameral to Keep Current Helmet Law

LB 581 would substantially weaken Nebraska's current law at the expense of highway safety

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