30 August 2023

Annual New Car Ownership Costs Surge Above $12K 

The average cost of owning and operating a new vehicle in 2023 has increased significantly, with an annual expense of $12,182, or a monthly cost of $1,015.

28 June 2023

AAA Activates 'Tow to Go' in Nebraska and Iowa for Independence Day Weekend

As AAA prepares to rescue more than 393,000 drivers nationwide with car trouble this Independence Day weekend, it will also provide a free service in effort to keep impaired drivers off the road. The Auto Club Group is activating its Tow to Go program in Nebraska, Iowa and other select states (see below), offering a safe ride for would-be impaired drivers and their vehicles.

07 June 2023

AAA Study: EVs Lose Significant Range When Hauling Heavy Cargo

A new study from the AAA Automotive Engineering research team finds that electric vehicles (EVs) lose a significant amount of range when loaded with heavy cargo.

10 April 2023

AAA Car Guide – EVs Lead the Way in 2023

With their attractive blend of cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and energy efficiency, electric vehicles (EVs) are taking center stage in auto showrooms nationwide and the new 2023 AAA Car Guide, which is newly released this week.

06 August 2020

AAA Study Finds Flaws with Driver Assistance Technology

Although designed to assist drivers in order to reduce or eliminate traffic crashes, AAA is warning drivers to be cautious of trusting certain vehicle technology.