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03 August 2007

If you are transporting children to school in Nebraska, all children up to age 6 must ride correctly secured in an appropriate child restraint system—either a child safety seat or booster seat, reports AAA.

Violation of this law is a primary offense and the driver can be cited for each child not properly restrained.

Children ages 6 to age 18 are required to ride secured in an occupant protection system no matter where they are seated in the vehicle.

Parents should also keep in mind that due to the explosive power of the air bag system, children should not sit in the front seat of a vehicle equipped with a passenger side air bag.

If no other option is available, adjust the front passenger seat back away from the dashboard. With students heading back to school this month, AAA Nebraska reminds all motorists to use extra caution when driving near school zones, in residential areas where children are present, and near any school bus loading area.

Be aware of variable speed zones which require motorists to lower their speed to the posted limit when pedestrians are present. In Nebraska, speeding in school zones may result in a hefty double fine.