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02 January 2009

With winter having a firm grip on the state, AAA North Dakota is reminding motorists to “Slow Down, Move Over” for emergency, roadside assistance or road repair vehicles with emergency lights flashing.

According to AAA, the nation’s largest provider of emergency road service, speeding vehicles kill or injure road construction workers, emergency services personnel and roadside assistance providers every year. It is far too common for speeding vehicles to pass within a couple feet of workers assisting other motorists, says AAA North Dakota.

As road conditions deteriorate and more vehicles become disabled due to weather conditions, it is critical motorists:

  • Move over one lane before passing any stationary or slow-moving emergency, roadside assistance or road repair vehicle with its emergency lights flashing.
  • If an adjacent lane is not available, motorists should slow to a safe speed and provide adequate distance before passing.

    Applying a little common sense and remembering to “Slow Down, Move Over” for vehicles stopped beside the road will help ensure everyone reaches their destination safely, stresses AAA.