10 May 2011




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 AAA Helps More Motorists Compare Gas Prices With Launch Of TripTik® Mobile App For Android Users

AAA Expands Mobile Offer to Help Motorists Plan Road Trips and Compare Gas Prices

TAMPA, Fla., (May 10, 2011) – Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, when millions of motorists will take to the roads, AAA offers an Android version of the AAA TripTik® Mobile app. Many travelers are concerned about how the increased fuel prices will impact their travel budget. The AAA TripTik® Mobile app helps motorists save time comparing the cost of gas before and during their trip. The app, previously available for iPhone users only, also provides directions and information on restaurants, hotels and attractions. For a free download visit AAA.com/mobile.

AAA TripTik® Mobile is a GPS-based app with maps showing gas station locations and other points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, near a user’s location or any user-specified location. Gas station details include updated prices for all available grades of gasoline. AAA membership is not required for the app, which is available for download at the Android Market.

"Many motorists fill their gas tank at the nearest and most convenient gas station along their route, but the most convenient stations tend to be the most expensive," said Jessica Brady, manager, AAA Public Relations. "With $4 a gallon gasoline spotted throughout the country, AAA’s TripTik Mobile app can help motorists find the cheapest gas during their trip to avoid paying peak prices.”

The AAA TripTik® Mobile app gives the option to call for lodging reservations with the touch of a button, and provides maps and turn-by-turn directions to other points of interest including local events, AAA offices and AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities.

Road Trip Cell Phone Safety Tips:

  • Do not use your phone while you are driving: Always ask someone else in your vehicle to operate your phone’s GPS or pull over and make the necessary adjustments. Ideally, it’s easiest and safest to plan your road trip in advance, so you can keep your eyes on the road.
  • Become familiar with the features on your cell phone: Make sure you know how to use your phone’s features before you get behind the wheel. Get comfortable with looking up locations and directions, calling for roadside assistance with a GPS locator, and learn how to answer an incoming call without interrupting the mapping feature.
  • Practice using the phone and related features prior to your road trip: Do not wait until you’re in an unfamiliar location to start using your cell phone’s mapping features. Test it locally by mapping out errands and all your stops in advance.
  • Set audible turn-by-turn navigation features to fit your needs: Experiment with the audio level and style on your cell phone in advance to make sure you can hear and understand turn-by-turn directions.


AAA TripTik® Mobile uses the latest mapping data from the navigation market leader NAVTEQ. Full functionality on iPod Touch and non-3G iPad devices requires uninterrupted Wi-Fi access.

AAA TripTik® Mobile is the third free app offered by AAA for iPhone and Android users. The AAA Discounts app, with more than a million total downloads, also uses GPS technology to display nearby AAA Show Your Card & Save locations. AAA Roadside enables AAA members who require emergency road service to send their vehicle description and breakdown details directly to AAA. Additional information is provided on AAA.com/mobile.

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