21 September 2020

AAA: TN Gas Price Average Remains Stable

Tennessee remains the 9th least expensive market in the nation

10 September 2020

AAA Cautions Consumers: Don't Buy the Hype

New Research Shows Automaker Marketing May Lead to Overconfidence, Misunderstanding

01 June 2020

AAA: TN Gas Prices Up by One Penny

Tennessee 10th Least Expensive Market in the Nation

26 May 2020

AAA: TN Gas Prices Up Seven Cents

79% of Tennessee gas stations have prices below $1.75

13 April 2020

AAA: TN Gas Prices Continue to Decline

79% of TN filling stations have sub-$1.75 prices

19 March 2020

AAA: Tennessee Gas Price Average Falls Below $2 per gallon

72% of TN filling stations have sub-$2 gas prices

18 March 2020

AAA Limiting Access to Employees Only in All Tennessee Branch Offices

AAA – The Auto Club Group suspends all physical access to the general public at branch offices in Tennessee, effective Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

16 March 2020

AAA: TN Gas Price Average Down Twelve Cents

State average likely to drop below $2/gallon by end of the week

14 March 2020

AAA Offers Travel Advice Amid Coronavirus Concerns

AAA provides information on safety and insurance to help travelers make informed decisions

02 March 2020

AAA: TN Gas Prices Down Two Cents

Price fluctuation is likely, but on trend for this time of year