24 May 2023

AAA Will Rescue More Than 483,000 Stranded Drivers During Memorial Day Weekend

The Auto Club Group Urges Motorists to Get a Vehicle Inspection Before their Road Trip

10 April 2023

AAA Car Guide – EVs Lead the Way in 2023

Nearly all 2023 AAA Car Guide category winners were EVs 

16 February 2023

AAA Releases Used EV Buyer’s Guide to Help Car Buyers Decide on a New or Used Electric Vehicle

25% of consumers who are interested in EVs, would purchase used

01 December 2022

AAA Expanding Service; Offers Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging in Select Cities

No matter if your vehicle is electric or gas-powered, AAA can serve you!

12 May 2022

AAA Testing Finds Inconsistencies with Driving Assistance Systems

Third Time is Not a Charm as Driving Assistance Technology Continues to Underperform

01 February 2022

AAA Tests Vehicle Technology Designed to Keep Drivers Engaged

AAA Research Reveals Driver Monitoring Systems Can be Fooled and Need Refinement

08 November 2021

TDOT, AAA Reminding Drivers to Slow Down, Move Over

November 8 – 14 is Crash Responder Safety Week

14 October 2021

Rained Out: Vehicle Safety Systems Struggle to “See” in Bad Weather

AAA finds automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assistance performance
is impeded by rain

19 August 2021

Sticker Shock: Owning a New Vehicle Costs Nearly $10,000 Annually

 AAA advises car buyers to budget for more than the monthly payment as car prices increase

26 May 2021

AAA Urges Memorial Day Travelers to Ensure Their Vehicle is Road Trip Ready

AAA provides a vehicle checklist to help drivers get their vehicle ready for the road